What You Need To Know About Seizures

Seizures occur because of abnormal electrical activity of the brain cells, which cause temporary alterations in brain function. They are involuntary, and cause a sudden change in function, behavior and awareness. There are two types of seizure groups: primary generalized seizures and partial seizures, and these groups contain over 20 kinds of seizures.

Symptoms Of Seizures

Depending on the type of seizure the person is having, the symptoms vary. If someone is having a grand mal prix du viagra seizure, they may totally lose consciousness and fall to the ground, while a person having a complex partial seizure my stop responding to questions and become confused. Sometimes, a partial seizure may last mere seconds, and others may barely notice it, or not notice it at all.

Seizures And Epilepsy

If someone has epilepsy, he or she will suffer from seizures. Epilepsy means that the patient will have recurring seizures due to abnormal neuronal activity in the brain. While epilepsy can be controlled with different types of medication or surgery, there is no cure. Some people may even “grow out” of epilepsy and no longer have seizures once they become adults.

However, just because someone has a seizure does not mean that he or she has epilepsy. Other causes of seizures can be infection, tumors, head trauma, withdrawal from addictive drugs, and metabolic alterations. Many times, the seizure is from an unknown cause.

Seizures Treatments

If a patient needs medication to control seizures, he or she will take anticonvulsants, usually for a long period of time. Finding the correct treatment depends on factors such as the type of cialis achat seizures, the patient’s age, medical history, and gender. Often patients may be prescribed more than one type of medication, until the physician determines which type is the most effective. It’s important that the patient takes the medication exactly as directed, without missing any doses.

A number of physicians also believe that brand name medications are better than generic brands of drugs, because of the less rigorous standards used for generic drugs.