Natural Cures For Anxiety, Generalized Anxiety Disorder Treatment

Anxiety relief is something suffers are dying to receive. Believe my I know, I’ve been there and it’s nothing fun. It is important for people to try and find natural remedies for for there anxiety problems because being addicted to medication is no way to live life. It is definable not the fixed answer to your problem. Crisis anxiety relief is a major issue and i feel your pain. There are a few natural remedies that I am listing below but if you want to know what I use myself for my anxiety, heres my Anxiety remedy.

I found it works better than the others on the list. There are a few natural cures for anxiety that can be purchased at most drug stores that can help alleviate some of the stress. It is important for people to try and find something natural that works for them. Once method people use quite often that you may not think to try is taking a quiet walk on a nice sunny day. As you are walking make sire to focus on your muscles in your neck, back and jaw, and make sure they are completely relaxed. You wantyour arms to swing freely at your sides and try not to dwell on thoughts that may trigger panic or bring back bad memories. Anxiety relief Remedies

1) Vitamins – This is good to take anyway on a regular basis but the essential vitamins can help aid in anxiety. The essential vitamins are required for your bodies general processes including the neurotransmitters. if you are only going to take one B complex is the most important for anxiety aid.

2) Ashwaghanda Root – This is an adaptogen that is supposed to make you calm while making you strong as well. Adaptogen simply means it adapts to the stresses in the body.

3) Passion Flower – This is a rather popular form of natural anxiety treatment that is supposed to help calm the body and therefore relieving slight anxiety symptoms.

4) St. Johns Wort – St. Johns Wort is known as the most popular anxiety relief herb out there today. Clinical studies have been done that concluded that SJW can help anxiety symptoms withing 2-6 weeks.

5) Kava Kava – Kava Kava is supposed to give short term anxiety relief as is said to be the most potent herb today for short anxiety relief symptoms. There has also been clinical studies done on this herb as well.

6) Valerian Root – The Valerian Root id another popular herb that effects the central nervous system. It is a natural sedative that is supposed to help you sleep at night. Clinical studies have show that Valerian roots aids the sleeping process in 90% of prospective patients. So if you are having trouble sleeping adding Valerian root to your arsenal is not a bad idea.

I have tried virtually every form of natural anxiety relief out there today. What I found is that Valerian root works very good for calming the body down at night. St johns wort can help a little if taken as a supplement on a regular basis, kava kava can be nice for a short term solution but does not take all symptoms away by far and none are the ultimate anxiety relief.