How the Pump Can Help to Gain Weight?

So now you know that a pump is not absolutely essential to building muscle and gain weight.  The truth is that the pomp is actually more of an indicator than it is a necessary state for increasing muscle mass.  One thing is true: if you’re surfing the couch there is absolutely no way that you’re going to achieve the pump.

The only way that you’re going to get your body into this state is to be in the gym and giving your muscles a really good workout.  Now this doesn’t mean that you should expect that the first time you go into the gym you’re going to be all fired up and feel like Mr. Universe.  It takes a while for the body to get used to heavy weight training and you have to be patient and give it a chance to be able to do that.

What it Feels Like

When you get there you’ll definitely know it.  Many people describe the feeling has euphoric and it has even been said that a good pump is better than sex.  That may be questionable, but you get the idea.  It probably has to do with the fact that there are also endorphins in the body that are present when you’re working out and make you feel good.

Something else that shouldn’t be discounted is the psychological effect of the pump.  Because the muscles are engorged with blood they will seem bigger and in many cases firmer.

When you see and feel your body in the state that can often be a strong motivator.

Many people will actually go and work out before they’re going out to a club or some kind of function specifically in order to get the pump and make the muscles feel larger.  There’s nothing wrong with this, and in fact it can act as a significant motivator.  Anything that keeps you on track is a good thing so take advantage of the feeling and the effects and you will be more likely to see continued success.

The pump definitely has its benefits but you should not be fooled into thinking either that a pump is necessary for increasing muscle mass to gain weight or that it is an indicator that you’re increasing muscle mass.  It is actually easier to achieve a pump if you’re using slightly lower weights with an increased number of repetitions.

If your goal is to increase muscle mass as much as you can you will actually be working closer to your maximum weight and you might not experience as much of this sensation as someone else who is looking more towards muscular endurance or a maintenance routine.

The bottom line is that you understand it for what it is; it’s a good feeling it makes you look good.  If you’re working out and you get a good pump enjoy it.  Just don’t feel discouraged if you’re not getting a good pump.  It doesn’t mean that you’re not making gains.  Gain weight are made by using the right program and sticking to it.  Do not stop your workout if you’re not getting a pump.